What Are Your Goals For Today?

You should always have some type of goals you are reaching for. What are your goals for today?what-are-your-goals-for-today-orlando-espinosa

24 thoughts on “What Are Your Goals For Today?

  1. I have achieved my first goal–I’m now out of my nest and have teeth in my mouth and the cute pink cup clean and ready for after lunch. Why not wear them all day? That might be my goal for tomorrow. Hey! I’m old and I can even eat dessert first if I want now. Why else would anyone want to get old?

    • Now that you have reached your first goal, the next step would be to eat dessert! I’m a firm believer that getting old means you can do whatever you want or say whatever you want! 🙂

      • Orlando, you have to be kidding! I eat dessert FIRST now. It would be a disaster if I got too full to eat that last. THAT is the benefit of getting old, and that’s why it’s not even close to my goal for each day. On a good day I fill up on dessert and don’t have to worry about the veggies>>>>>

      • Veggies? What’s that! Dessert always gets my vote, no matter if it’s the first, second or third meal! Give me dessert and I HAPPY! 🙂

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