Self-Pity Gets You Nowhere

Self-pity can be your worst enemy if you submit to it!

Self-pity gets you nowhere!

Self-pity looks good on no one!self-pity-gets-you-nowhere-orlando-espinosa

6 thoughts on “Self-Pity Gets You Nowhere

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  2. On the other hand you can make believe you’re strong and that everything is okay. Wear the mask because if you ask for help you might not get it. Right now I’m having difficulties in caring for my brother Stephen who has Autism. I need a Guardianship Lawyer so I will sacrifice my own well-being and pull some double shifts because how else can I afford the lawyer. I have called or emailed every agency/organization and provider in the State of New York trying to get help but all the programs and services are for parents not siblings. As much as I try not to complain it is overwhelming trying to decide should I take care of my health and medical needs or his. I’ve made the decision to ignore my health issues and work harder for Stephen. One day I hope there will be support systems for siblings. If you have any suggestions or advice please let me know. There are only us two as our parents died many years ago and the rest of the family has disowned us due to our disabilities. I appreciate your help.

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