You Must Believe

If you donโ€™t believe in yourself and what you are capable of accomplishing, how can you expect others to believe you as well?

8 thoughts on “You Must Believe

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  2. I spent a lifetime listening to other people telling me how lazy and worthless I was, Orlando. The day I was dx’d with MS was the best day of my formerly worthless life in some folks eyes, but I always knew better. Now I don’t have many more days to have to listen to that garbage, and now, naturally, most of the people in my life are changing their tunes. Most, not all. It’s been such a pleasure reading your posts. Thank you for each of them.

    • Thank you for always being kind with your words Angie! Too often we judge people without knowing their story! Thank you for your honestly and spreading positivity! It’s welcoming! ๐Ÿ™‚

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