Stop Comparing Yourself

You can find happiness when you accept yourself and stop comparing yourself to others!

6 thoughts on “Stop Comparing Yourself

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  2. Ya know, Orlando. One day I realized I should stop comparing myself to others and begin comparing them to me. Funny thing is, no one else on earth is just like me, so there is no way to compare in either direction. Apples and oranges! I am so unique the mold was broken when I was born, and I think that is true of us all. Sure improved my outlook on life.

      • They broke the mold when I was born, and although I have a double living in this same town, she is nothing at all like me. I know this because some friends have seen her and tried to talk with her, thinking it was me, and she is apparently not very friendly. My Mom was the first one to see her and she was really angry with me later, accusing me of not speaking to her when I stuck my nose in the air and walked past her in a local store. I had to get the person I was actually having lunch with that day to tell her it really wasn’t me (unless of course I was walking around in two different places at the same time) before she believed me. So, if my own mother couldn’t tell the difference she must be a carbon copy of me. I’m the original and really unable to be copied except for the face, lol.

      • What a great story Angie! If she wasn’t nice, then she wasn’t you! I’m sure the mold was broken when you were created! You are an original. That’s for sure! 🙂

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