Happy Labor Day 2017

It’s Labor Day, a time set aside to honor the accomplishments of America’s workers. Let us acknowledge and appreciate their efforts. Happy Labor Day!

12 thoughts on “Happy Labor Day 2017

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  2. Does laboring to keep the laptop connected to the WiFi that is 3 or 4 feet away count? I think I would rather be working someplace that would pay me to be this frustrated!

      • Thanks for that, Orlando, but if I tried to pin a medal on today I would probably miss and poke it in my nose or eye, or some other place that would be a bit painful. Or, as usual, just sit on it! I find most things by sitting on them. Not the best way.

      • We will all have this issue at some point. I have a great memory, but at some point I will start forgetting and might get poked by missing items as well!

      • My favorite expression is one my brother came up with, “I forget if I remember that or not”. He forgot he said it, but I use it constantly. Just don’t sit on a needle or thumb tack. They really smart the worst!

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