Happy and Enjoy Life

Being happy and enjoying life are the most important things you can do for yourself!

3 thoughts on “Happy and Enjoy Life

  1. I really do enjoy life with a few sidetracks into less than excited. Getting over the unhappy feeling of seeing the snow. If I can’t do anything about it I might as well just stay away from the windows for a few days and look at something prettier. Or just keep my eyes on the book I’m reading or the latest item on my knitting needles. Whatever the situation, it just isn’t worth worrying about for more than a second or two. Except the natural worry about my grandson. Until we know what caused him to pass out Grammy will worry! That’s just what we do, and I do it better than most cause I’m an over=achiever! When I wanted to play the violin so badly I really over achieved in that department, being banished to the barn and then to my grandparents after the cow went dry and the pigs quit eating. Not my finest hour. After I traded that in for a guitar though — well, that was when I knew how music should sound. My sister really could make hers sing, and I just strummed along beside her and tried to place my sore fingers in the right position. seriously, I really can play that one, Merle Travis picking style!

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