Just As Important

Learning to be kind to ourselves is just as important to be kind to others!

3 thoughts on “Just As Important

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  2. I’m so nice people get a sugar high around me. It’s just disgusting when you find out you just sent another one into diabetic coma, ya know? But then I just woke up and realize it was all a dream and one more person was ticked off! Can’t win ’em all. Heck, it’s 4 a.m. and I’ve been up all night so just a little bit punchy here. Not even sure why I’m still up, but therapy will be coming around soon and then, big deep sigh, nap time! wishful thinking! The phone will ring, robots will be on the other end telling me to hold for {then will come the menu) and I will be in such a bad mood after that. No more nice when robots call. Sorry, Orlando. I tend to get punchy this time of night/day, especially when hungry. I think I’ll just close out here and see what looks good in the fridge. (:-)

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