Start Thinking For Yourself

Some people may not like it when you push back, but that may be because you’ve started thinking for yourself! Think for yourself and trust your own intuition. Thinking for yourself will cause you to become independent.

4 thoughts on “Start Thinking For Yourself

  1. Thanks for your insights. Thinking for yourself is, as you know, not just thinking, but understanding. There is a vested interest in people thinking, but not for themselves, but from a pool of ideas generated, which seems to be why it’s very difficult to find enriching discussions these days. Thinking out of the box is simply seeing and understanding, but they’re full of “ah haa” experiences. Interestingly, among homeless people, I have found deeper discussions then among many contemporaries.
    Turn off the television, turn off the computers, and go camping for a week or two. Something interesting happens. One, a strong desire for television and the internet pulls on you, but waxes thin as you partake of fishing, hiking, exploring, relaxing, cooking and such. You might find discussions surrounding things read on the internet and such, because it’s become our world. But with time (longer for some), real discussions begin to occur. Upon returning to the world of television and computers, something “new” has settled in. Perhaps, an aversion to watching television and such. But then, what do you do?

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