Never Let Doubt

Never let doubt determine your future!

Never doubt what you’re capable of accomplishing!

7 thoughts on “Never Let Doubt

  1. You woudda been proud of me Tues. Orlando! I hauled a futon chair that I ordered up to my apartment from the office o on the first floor! I’m on the 16th floor, and in a power chair! They all said I couldn’t do it but I knew I could if I just got everything adjusted and the elevator doors opened okay! I MADE IT!

      • It’s the freight elevator, put in for moving furniture, I was amazed that I got it thru my apartment door though! Had to leave it in the hall, drive the chair in and park it, go back and drag the chair in to the hall and open it there by cutting the box from around it! I’m the Queen of the Xacto knife! Still have the one I got 40 years ago. New blades, but same old holder. Can’t beat ’em!

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